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David Creed is a Brisbane based artist whose work explores social relations between artists and the audience. He frequently collaborates with others and has worked in a variety of media including video, performance, painting, installation and sculpture.


Together with Angela Rossitto he runs The Wandering Room artist run initiative which they began with Sarah Werkmeister in 2008. Rather than occupying a single fixed site, The Wandering Room exists as a concept that has roamed nomadically, occupying temporary spaces in a variety of gallery and offsite locations.


He and David Spooner work together as David/DAvid and undertake artistic physical challenges. Since they began collaborating they have cycled, knitted, painted, walked and lived together. They capture a shared experience from different perspectives and present the results alongside one another.


He has recently exhibited at The Walls, Gold Coast, 2014, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, 2013 and Griffith University Art Gallery, 2013. He has undertaken residencies at Development AIR, Auckland, New Zealand, 2013, Fish Lane Studios, Brisbane, 2013 and Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Bundaberg, 2008.






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